Monday, November 24, 2014


Dr S L Bhyrappa
Facebook group  Dr S L Bhyrappa Kadambari Priyara Koota has organized an informal meet with Author, Saraswathi Samman award winner Dr S L Bhyrappa, 83 yrs on Sunday 10.30am,  November 23, 2014 at NIE, Radhakrishnam Hall, Mysuru. The event was organized by Smt Anuradha Udayashankar and Mr Udayashankar and the NIE Principal, Professor Shekhar himself has taken the initiative,
There were about 100 participants (abhimanigalu) from all over Karnataka, who have read Bhyrappa's all novels not once, several times. It;s the respect and honour for a great author, who captivates you through his wild imagination in all the novels.
His book AAVARANA created lot of contraversy when it was released, since it was hurting hindu and muslim feelings.
His latest novel YAANA, which was released recently, seen several reprints within few days,
At the informal meet at NIE, there were formalities, questions were asked to write on a piece of paper and submitted before the meet began. There were quite a number of questions. Dr SLB was picking up one questions at a time and answering them in his own style,  his vast knowledge and depth of matter is evident from his replies.
Are you biliever or non-biliever in God....... was one of the questions asked......  His reply came from the birth of universe, big bang theory, space and time, and beyond. The supreme power which controls the universe......
There were other questions like..... what is your next book and its theme, could you write a novel on the theme TERRORISM, etc..and about some characetrs in his novels SAARTHA, NAAYI NERALU, PARVA, VASMSHA VRUKSHA......
with Udayashankar, Mrs Anuradha Udayashankar
Though he was keeping well with fever, cough..... he stayed on for more than three hours. There was photo session and autographing of his books didn't take place as he was not fully fit.
However, the meet was quite pleasant, appreciative of a genius writer......
written tuesday, 25th November 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014


ABACUS CENTRE... Bhuvaeshwari Nagar, Hebbal is part of Somayaji's Learning Centre. The centre is running for more than two years, with few students and Mrs Nalini Somayaji is the Course Instructor.
Unified Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is the company running the courses and has Master Frnchisee at an office in Malleshwarm. The course is 8-level with two grand level. The classes are 2 hour duration, once a week. The children finish one level, approximately 3 months, after with they are given a test and promoted to the next level.
Certificate for completion of level is given and a progress report is maintained.
It's a unique Child Development Program, which include,
  • Challenge your child to learn in new ways while cultivating creativity, multitasking and time management skills,
  • Boost brainpower and teach your child to see in pictures,
  • Improve your child's maths grades and overall academic performance,
  • Help turn your child's struggle with arithmetic into a love of all things numerical.
 By learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately, students aged 4-13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory, concentration and problem solving – skills that are crucial to success in all areas of study and in daily life.
It also leads to greater student proficiency and confidence in mathematics. The program also builds the framework for children to develop fundamental learning skills essential to actively succeed in school and in every avenue of their daily life and to inspire them to achieve greatness.
UCMAS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified program. 
Written Sunday, 16 November 2014 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We attended a program  HAASYA MELA '14....."WHY RATION FOR LAUGHTER??"......        at RV Dental College, J P Nagar, Bengaluru on Sunday 9th November 2014. Though it was a whole day program from morning, we attended only a small session in the evening.
There were people who give regular program in TV, and other functions. Pranesh Gangavathi, Mahamani, Gundu Rao, Master Hirannayya among others who can give humorous talk on various topic, make people to laugh and enjoy. It may be a simple common sense, sarcastic, teasing..... but with a message. Pranesh talks beautifully about the Kannada Language, using them and teaching them, He talks about people sending their children to english medium school and give lecture on using kannada.
How we Kannadigas are so considerate, we try and speak Tamil, Malyalam or Telugu for peole from Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra instead of teaching them Kannada in Bengaluru.Children should not be bookworm, must have knowledge of surroundings, culture and tradition.
Some people were honoured on stage and there was also a humorous play on the stage, DAANA PATRA....
It was a good program to attend and spend sometime.
written Wednesday, 12th Nov.2014 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Sunday November 9, 2014, 7.30pm, KH Kala Soudha, Hanumantha Nagara, Bengaluru.
A drama can be so effectively presented ,,,, I have seen it only yesterday.......
with Sethuram
Only two characters...... an old man in his eighties, suffering from prostrate cancer and his unmarried grand daughter of 28 yrs.
It's S R Sethuram, the old man and Deepa as grand daughter. The story explores changes in the mindset in the sixty years since independence and its eventual effect on the day-to-day society life and family structures.
The drama starts with the grand daughter knocking the old man's room with food box, and the story reveals.....
The story of the old man in his young age, his mother, and his ferocious father, who used to make him to urinate in his shorts. Mother terribly scared of her husband, had daughters and a son.  When he got married, he had two sons and daughters. The wife tired of ferocious husband, commits suicide
Review of the drama

The daughter of the eldest son, Deepa narrates her story so effectively that one has to completely sympathize with her. The younger son of the old man uses her for his pleasure since she was 13 years and it is continuing till now, which is shown with the phone calls.Deepa shows anger, frustration, apathy, hatred,helplessness......she cries, weeps, shouts at the world..... why... why....  she being used by not an unknown, but by chikkappa only..... known person....PARICHITA.....The old man lives alone. He says he watches a visitor coming to his house in his absence..... sees the motor bike, door closed, sits in the park bench and waits..... frustrated..........In the end the old man sits on the easy chair, breathes his last.
The grand daughter calls the chikkappa, father's brother and says he is gone.
The drama does not contain any stage setting, costumes, change of dress, music or dance.
But it had all the expressions...... sadness, misery, anger, frustration, social evils, and helplessness.........
Powerful dialogues and presentation..... leave a lasting impression on the audience.
GATI is realistic play based on the realistic social issues.

S R Sethuram, who directed TV Serial MANTHANA, is a brilliant, story writer, director and actor..
written on Tuesday 11 November 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014


1st November of every year is celebrated as KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA as on 1st November 1956, states based on languages were formed.

At a small function at Coffee Board Layout Park, Kannada flag was hoisted at 7.45am, in the presence of few who were present, couple people spoke about the importance of the day and sweets were distributed.
The state of Mysore was created taking into fold various parts of the region, which were ruled by kings. Several districts in, now called North Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka were dissolved in the new state. The new state was named after Mysore, which by itself was a princely state.
People of North and Hyderabad area did not accept the name Mysore. People of this region were demanding a change in the name. After prolonged debate the name of the state was changed to Karnataka on November 1, 1973.
Late Devaraj Urs the then Chief Minister of state took this landmark decision. Officially the new state was born on Nov. 1 and on this day every year birthday of the state is celebrated. This is popularly called as Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Rajyotsava. Rajyotsava means “birth of a state”.
Come Nov. 1 Karnataka will be in a joyous mood. This day is a government holiday. Very few will be out in the streets and community centers chanting Kannada . Majority of people will enjoy the gift of a holiday.
Bangalore has been so much flooded with non-karnataka people that less than 35% are kannada speaking people. Kannadigas are soft hearted, open-minded, that they try and learn other languages rather than teaching kannada to others.
written Saturday 8th Nov.2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Tulsi pooja was performed in a small way at home, Birthi Mane, Bengaluru on Wednesday 5th Nov 2014, i.e. Uthana Dwadashi.
Purchased a small Nelli Kai  branch from the market in the morning. Tulsi Brindavan was decorated, diya was lighted.

Tulsi is a consecrated plant that holds lot of importance for the traditional Hindus. In most of the Hindu homes, people worship Tulsi plant on a daily basis.
Many people keep a plant of Tulsi in front of their house, since Tulsi has a lot of reverence for them. On the festive occasion of 'Kartik Shukla Dwadashi' that usually falls two weeks after the celebration of Diwali, tulsi plants are adorned with varied artistic things made from sugarcane, flowers and mango leaves. After decorating Tulsi Vrindavana, people offer prayers to Tulsi. Clay lamps are lit all around the tulsi plant. The event is usually celebrated as tulsi vivah, in which tulsi is married to Lord Vishnu.
evening after lighting lamps

Tulsi symbolizes devotion, love, responsibility, virtues and miseries of women. This Indian basil is worshipped by females of all age groups.  People decorate the vessel or pot, in which tulsi is planted. Water is then offered to the holy basil. Kumkum is applied to one of the leaves. Some people tie a small piece of red cloth on its branch. Red flower is offered to the herbal plant Tulsi. Clay lamps are lighted all around the plant and then aarti is performed to complete the pooja. On the completion of puja, people usually eat a leaf of tulsi, with the belief that this act would enable them to take the Holy Spirit inside them.
written Friday, 7th Nov 2014