Saturday, June 30, 2012


Upanayana (lit. "leading closer" to the Brahma) is a version of the sacred thread ceremony where the concept of Brahman is introduced to a young boy. Traditionally, the ceremony was performed to mark the point at which boys began their formal education. The ceremony is performed when the boy is seven years old (Gharbheshu ashtame varshe) in the Brahmin varna, at least 13 years in the Kshatriya varna. The youngster is taught during the ceremony the secret of life through Brahmopadesam (revealing the nature of Brahman, the Ultimate Reality) or the Gayatri mantra. The child then becomes qualified for life as a student or Brahmachari
There was one such occasion where ANUROOP was ordained as Brahmachari in a ceremony at Vidyapeetha, Benagalooru on 29th June 2012. 
His parents Ananthkumar Tantry and Sadhya are family friends from Dubai days..... hence there were quite few friends from Dubai also.
Past and present friends from Dubai

We were there with Ramachandra Udupa and his family, wife Rajani, Ruchira and naughty Raghavendra...... 
It was also a social gatherings where friends and acquaintances meet...... some may not have met for a long time.... occasion to catch up...... and participate in the celebrations......

Shri Visvesha Teertha Swamiji of Shri Pejawar Mutt,Udupi, was there to bless the young Brahmachari.....

As usual there was grand lunch with many sweets...... tamboola...... after which it's time to say bye-bye..... and leave for home.........

Friday 29th June 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's not unusual when people from Ooru come to Bangalore to attend functions like wedding, upanayana, gruha pravesha etc....... they visit their relations who are settled in Bangalore.
So we had an evening of relations visiting BIRTHI MANE...... and it was pleasant.....

First...... elderly family, close relation, gentleman and his wife....... talented, popular and matured.... parents of Abhilasha........ H Sridhar Hande and Vasumathi...... spent sometime in the evening with us. Sridhar Hande has been teaching YAKSHAGANA for children for last 40 years and presents yakshagana play from children at various places. He is 76 yrs and very active at home.
Later they were dropped at his daughter's place at Banashankari.

Second..... Aroor Chandrashekar Rao and his wife and sister Kusuma....was brought by Prof. Udaya Kumar....... again they were in Bangalore to stay with their son and family......Chandru Mama recently celebrated his 70yrs birth day with big function called BHIMA RATHA SHANTHI.......They also spent some time with us and left later.....
It was a good and pleasant visits...... that too by elderly people......
Tuesday, 26th June 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Bangalore can boast of biggest musical fountain in South India. This is in J P Park at Mattikere, Bangalore. Recently we visited the place and the show starts at 7pm as they announced but started only at 7.15pm, as the announcer said, it needs to be dark.

The introduction was in Kannada language, giving  explanation about the part and the musical fountain. The show was about 20 min, started with Naada Geethe...... Jay Bharatha Jananiye thanujaathe...... Jaya hei Karnataka Maathe......
Afterwards there were couple of hindi songs, two or three kannada songs for the show.
It was a pleasant viewing...... at J P Park
Sat, 23rd June, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Flowers are source of joy for the body and mind....... growing flowers at home is enjoyable and refreshing..... In the morning, you feel happy when you a fresh flower coming up. You tend to care for it, spreading happiness.....
Different types of flowers can be grown.... Rose of different colours, mallige,  Dasavaala, Jaji..... etc.....

But the right soil, air, water and sunlight needed for the plant......

Sunday 17th June 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012


The idea of taking ABACUS franchise had come sometime ago.... but the implementation took quite sometime. Making use available space in the house BIRTHI MANE is another factor.
However, after much deliberation, the franchise was booked from UCMAS, based in Chennai and the necessary course instructor training was taken by Nalini Somayaji at Rajajinagar for 3 days, for first level.
Decided to start the classes on 17th June expecting quite a few students. The response was not serious. However, when the classes begin more will opt for classes. Beginning was done. Hope the classes will catch up soon.

Written when the class in progress.
17 June 2012

Classes taken when there was power failure.
01 July 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Venue: WHITE PETALS, Palace Grounds, Bangalore....... Occasion was wedding of the son of Kappanna, TV serial fame......Jairaj-Divya...... the ambiance was casual.... musicians entertaining with their items...... instrumental, vocal singing, group singing, dancers with drums......
with T N Seetharam of Muktha-Muktha

Newly wedded couple were receiving blessings and best wishes from friends, guests and celebrity guests..... Food was there for lunch..... chappatti, roti, different sweets,
Among the celebrity..... T N Seetharam of Muktha-Muktha fame, and people who play different roles like Muniappa, Krishnanand, Shankarmoorthy, and some more..... Chandrashekhar Kambara, Jayanth Kaikini, Dr Chdananda Moorthy, B, Jayashree, Sangeetha Katti  and many more were there......
with Jayanth Kaikini

About 3 p.m. we decided to leave..... Dubai friend, now lives in Bangalore, Mr. Banad and his wife were with us..... and it was time to disperse after wishing newly weds.....
Saturday, 9th June 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hamsa, daughter of Vishweshwara Rao, Baikady, (Sanmani) was our next door neighbor in our native place, Birthi. Unfortunately, Vishweshwara passed away in an accident in 1992, when Hamsa was 5 or 6 yrs old. However, Mother Usha brought her and Harsha, elder brother.
Harsha completed his MBA and joined ANZ Bank and got married to Shwetha, a smart and pretty Techie, in November 2011 and now Hamsa's wedding to Kaushik, a handsome and smart architect took place in Prasanna Kalyana Mantapa in Jayanagara, Bangalore.on May 31, 2012.

Weddings are always occasion for family get-together and social gatherings....... meeting friends and relations who might not have met for a long time. It's also the tradition keep going...... with all the procedures of hindu marriage custom, where the bonding is given a solid foundation. It's also for blessings from elders and celebrations for all.
As usual there is grand lunch, photo shoot in groups with friends, relatives and family. .......
and wish the newly married couple...... LONG AND HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.......
June 2, 2012