Monday, October 19, 2015


Running om India has been growing by leaps and bounds ober the years and Bengaluru is one of the cities leading in this change. Bengaluru boasts of having the largest runners community in India and many Bengaluru runners across different age categories have been winning at the major marathon events in the country. Bengaluru has been referred to as the fitness capital of India. Having said that the city doesn't have a world-class full and half marathon, until now.

After a long wait, Bengaluru finally has an Annual city marathon, which will take runners through important landmarks of the city. We believe this event will go a long way in further promoting running in the city and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Proud sons with Mom
Spectators waiting
Successful completion
NaliniSomayaji, RaviKanth and RishiKanth (Mom and sons) very enthusiastic to participate in 5K run for fun and charity. The venue was at Kanteerava Stadium, Benagluru and there was huge crowd of participants, mostly youngsters. 
It was amazing for mom to participate, since weather was hot and need for stamina and determination to complete the race, which she successfully completed in 52 minutes. Sons could finish the race in 34 and 32 minutes.
It was more of fun, endurance and feeling of participation.
written on Tuesday 20thOct2015


Navratri get-together for lunch at BirthiMane, BhuvaneshwariNagar, NammaBengaluru happened on Saturday, 17th Oct 2015.

RaVidya, AshaRamesh

It's mostly close relations, family, children grown big, some married but childhood days still lingered.
Rishi, RaVidya, SandhyaSadaram, UshaSuresh, AshaRamesh, TaraSridhar, BharthiSridhar, DoddappaDoddamma, VibhaVijetha, Anisha, Niranjan and ParimalGururaj with children.
Delicious food was prepared by Mom and everyone enjoyed and very little was left for tail enders.
There was MysorePak, IceCream, chitranna nd much more.....
with BharathiSridhar

with ParimalaGururaj

with AshaRamesh

with TaraSridhar

with UshaSuresh, Vidya

with Doddamma
On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, ladies received HaldiKumkum and gift from Mom and it was for SARVE JANAH SUKHINO BHAVANTHU.....
written Tuesday 20thOct2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sunday 11th Oct 2015

Went to visit the VIDEO GAME FEST BENGALURU2015 at KTPO (Kartnataka Trade Promotion Organization, WhiteField, Bengaluru. The place is huge and could see the trend and interests of younger generation, participating, playing and excitement on the event.
Visited there as my son Rishi, who is a GameDesigner at DumaduGames, Bengaluru, was actively involved in the preparation, planning and organization of the event.

I could see clearly the gap between the older and present generation. Their attitudes, interests and conducting themselves are all by their own standards.
However, they claim it is
 " An event for the competitive digital generation to elevate the gaming space in India. Be it making them or playing them, VGF is the one stop shop for everything related to games. Right from competitions, cosplays, tournaments, game service exhibits to game retailing and demos, you can witness them all here! "

We could stay on for an hour, watched COS(COSTUME)PLAY contest. The boys/girls come in different costumes on the stage  and perform for 5 or 10 seconds and there is a big applause.
Went around some stalls, could get interest in any.... may be generation gap.
written, Friday 16Oct2015

Monday, October 12, 2015


Shivarama Karanth Vedike with Pandeshwara ChandraShekhara Chadaga's initiative organized whole program at TaralaBalu Centre, RabindraNath Tagore Nagara, Bengaluru on Sunday, 11th Oct2015,
Morning 10.30, when I went program just started with inauguration with prayer song by children and then lighting the lamp by the dignitaries.
Shri P Chabdrashekar Chadaga, President of Shivarama Karntha Vedike, welcomed the dignitories and the audience with his usual style.
The program was inaugurated by Dr Ullas Karanth, son of Legendry Kota Shivarama Karanth after which he shared his childhood days, how his mother helping him in Puttur, his interest in conservation and preservation in forests, his study in United States and so many nostalgic moments in the earlier years.

Dr L G Meera, presented an essay on Dr Shivarama Karanth's contribution to visual arts, be it Drama, Yakshagana, Dance or any other. He always studies in depth and practices his own original ideas and presents to the audience. He is pioneer in taking Coastal Yakshagana, dance ballet, to the international level. His short presentation of this art to 2 to 3 hours with the addition of saxophone and violin has become very famous.

Shri B. V. Kedilaya, who presided over the morning session, an excellent critic and a public speaker, spoke in length about his experiences with those days of ShivaramaKaranth. His speech covered lot of issues, music, dance, his novels leading up to present scenario in the literary circles.
It was a fitting tribute to  Jnana Peetha Award winner, "Kadala Theerada Bhargava", Legendry Dr Kota Shivarama Karantha.
written Tuesday, 13Oct2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Saturday, 10thOct2015, at SevaSadan, Malleshwara, NammaBengaluru for 3.30pm show
UshaBhandari, S N Sethuram
"ATHEETHA"  Kannada play is an effort to explore the capacity of human brain which brazens out the relentless caution of conscience despite being aware that, the basic purpose of life is just living and nothing beyond. It is conscience that should guide a civilized life and not the brain.
Cast & Crew: S.N.Sethuram, Sripathi Manajanabail, Sharath Parvathavani, Usha Bhandari, Deepa 

Scenes from the play
The Drama is autobiography of an 85 year old, retired, famous advocate, who has everything for his lonely comfortable living. The play unfolds incidents of life, gradually one by one, there arises dilemma, Sometimes, nothing is wrong according to laws, at the same time question arises whether it is good thing or evil. What is essential for an autobiography - is it the body or eternal soul??
S N Sethuram, veteran director, main actor and script writer, plays the role of famous lawyer. The girl, Deepa, coming to his house to write autobiography, his own grand daughter. Sripathi M acted well as the fake witness for the lawyer throughout his service years. Usha Bhandari, young and beautiful lady coming to lawyers office in search of job. She expresses her helplessness for being a victim of lawyers desires. Son, Sharath, coming from Australia, narrates how his mother died. 
The lawyer, born to a poor family, runs away from the grandfather's house with gold ornaments from the temple, has no regrets. He became so famous and proud that not one case, he was defeated, except the last one, after which, he stopped practicing. He kept his old father, with broken hip, for 20 years in the hospital, who refused to undergo surgery. 
The daughter "Surabhi" was raped by a powerful group, whose case the old man deliberately did not want to win...... 
with Sharath and SripathiM

After the drama with Deepa and UshaBhandari
The man in his hey days rejects all the awards, RajyaSabha membership, as he was "ATHEETHA"
The superb dialogues, acting, without much of stage setting, music and lighting, captivates the audience.
written Sunday 11Oct2015