Sunday, February 23, 2014


It was couple of months ago, I posted the news of baby pigeons in our house bathroom window of the first floor. Those birdies, grew big, had wings and flew away into the big big world.

Yetsreday, once again, two more pigeon aggs were hatched and became birdies and the mother pigeon giving all support to protest her new born. This time it is the first bathroom window as I cleaned the top wondow.

The baby pigeons, I think are doing well and the mother pigeon is looking after them very well.

Nicely prepared nest, and the warmth from the mother, babies will soon grow.

written Monday, 24th Feb.2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Godess idols
The annual festival at Shri Durgaparameshwari and Veerabhadra Temple at Salekeri is what we call as SALEKERI HABBA. It normally falls February16,17 every year and people from far and near congregate at the venue to celebrate good things happening in their lives.
The temple, mostly the shrine of weaving community, Shettigars revere and beleive the Godess protects and blesses them in their life. Community members have gone far to different places in search of better jobs and greener pastures. They believe  its due to blessings of Durgaparameshwari
My father, Venkatramana Somayaji was the priest for more than 50years at the very same temple. When I was young, in those days, I used to accompany my father to assist him im performing temple rituals.
However, times have changed. The temple has seen renovation and new look with donations from various people from near and far, more people attending the festivals as a social gathering.
Met some peole saw them only in the young age. Chandrakanth Shettigar, Raghu Shettigar and few others.
Festival programs last for five days, but the main events are on 16th Feb and 17th Feb. the first day there was CHANDIKA HOMA and grand lunch and the in the night procession and carnival with God's idols carried in the PALLAKI, followed by aarti given by community members and fireworks. The next day, the idols placed in RATHA and pulled by people along the road for a distance and returned.
Lots of temporay shops arrive for two days to make a brisk business.
Written on Wednesday, 19th Feb.2014 


It was Sunday, February16, 2014, when we went to ooru (Birthi, Salekeri) in the morning to attend Annual Salekeri Habba (Festival)...... In the evening we went to see the happening at Malpe Beach Festival. It was a huge gathering, lots and lots of people, huge stage on the beach.....
People relaxing and enjoying on the beach...... It was more like a picnic....
There was kite flying, sand sculpture, cultural program, swimming competition, and vareity of food.
It was a like family gathering, outing.....
Program on the atge was usual praising the politicians and speeches....
and the entertainment program was also there.
As the crowd was huge, we had to park the car far and walk.....
However, after spending an hour, we returned.
written on Wednesday,  Feb19, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014


The maiden edition of Vodafone Cycling Marathon, over 60 kms, was held at Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru,here on Sunday Feb 9, 2014. 
Ravikanth Somayaji along with his friends Sujay, Pradhan, and Rakshith registered to participate in the 40km passion ride at 6.30am.
A cycle was borrowed from a friends place and put the cycle in car and reached the Stadium at 5.30am, by that time more tha 1000 people with cycles in the queue and getting ready for the event.
Ravi and Sujay their cycles and caps on joined the crowd and we, Mom, Rishi and myself were in the cheering crowd.
The race flagged off at 6.30am and cyclists zoomed in the route marked and it was a pleasant sight to see the riders moving in the early morning chiil of Bengaluru weather.
The event with eight laps in the route came to close at 8am 
The cycling marathon is recognised by the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) and is supported by Bengaluru City traffic police.
The event was run over four distances, 60 kms (Champion Ride), 40 kms (Passion Ride), 20 kms (Green Ride) and 10 kms (Fun Ride). The total prize money for the Champion Ride will be Rs. 10 lakhs with Rs 2.5. lakhs for the winner, Rs. 1.75 lakhs for second, Rs. 1.25 lakhs for third and Rs. 1 lakh for fourth positions.
The remaining amount will be divided among 16 consolation winners. The participants in all the four categories will be given certificate of merit and Cycling Marathon goodies.
“It is a much-needed cycling event for the city. The Cycle Federation of India extends its full support and we are very happy to get associated with Vodafone India to make this event successful,” 
That was a thrilling program for both participants and the spectators. There were people of all ages.

written on Monday, 10 Feb 2014