Friday, April 28, 2017


Friday. 14th April 2017
BirthiMane, BhuvaneshwariNagara,NammaBengaluru

It's beginning the new year (yugadi), as per SouraMaana calender.

New hope, new dreams and peaceful year ahead and blessings from the Almighty God.

Biginning of new Panchanga, Hevilambi (Hemalambi) savantsara, the image of God's photo is seen

in the mirror and prayed for the welfare of the family in the year ahead.



Saturday, 22nd April 2017

"SEENA/SEENU" , a freagle, freed beagle variety of dog, adopted in June 2016, is completing five years. He is favorite / pet of Rishi, who loves the dog to the core. 

He wanted to have a cake, peanut butter cake for celebrating his birthday, pestered mom to prepare it and she did that, in spite of the fact that we returned that morning from 5 days of ooru trip.

Seena appeared to be very fond of the cake and he was seen gulping a large quantity to satisfy himself.

Apparently, dogs also have dreams, aspirations and thinking, but only they can not speak.

Written Friday 28th April 2017


Sunday 16th April 2017
Kannada Sahitya Parishath, ChamrajaPete.

D V Gundappa, popularly known as DVG (1887 - 1975) was Kannada writer and philosopher. His most famous and notable work is "Manku Timmana Kagga", which is similar to wisdom poems of Sarvajna, in the medieval period.

Kagga (poem) offers great thoughts, facing challenges with cheerfulness, understanding everything as a devine play, recognizing ourown and others needs, honouring human aspirations and dreams, working for noble causes and above all dissolving our ego in a mature thinking.
Sri Japaananda Swamy
Countless similes, metaphors, and multitude of choice expressions make reading of Kagga thoroughly delightful. Though DVG only completed matriculation, he gained tremendous knowledge to become prominent literary name in Karnataka.

Sri Ravi Tirumalai has written four volumes of "Kagga Rasadhare", which enables common man to understand and appreciate DVG' s 945 poems (Kagga). Each poem was given word meaning and the thinking and the implications of the poems are written in KaggaRasaDhare.

Few dignitaries were present including H N Nagarajaih (HAMPANA), Sri JapaSwamy from Tumakru, who spoke beautifully about DVG and his Kagga.

written Friday 28th April 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Thursday, 20th April 2017
Sharada Kalyana Mantapa, Udupi

It was on 11th September 2016, Nivedita, d/o Hebri Ramakrishna Achar got engaged to Sandeep, at grand ceremony at Hebri. It's more than 7 months and the grand wedding took place on 20th April 2017, at Sharada Kalyana Mantapa at Udupi.

Previous day, there was get-together and party for celebrations to begin. Bride and groom's party assembled at the venue for familiarization and socialization and also time for entertainment with songs and dances.There was dinner after the program.

Next day, Thursday, was the wedding at 11 am with large number of relations and friends from both the sides with lot of heavy music, saxophone, keyboard, rhythm pad instruments.Wedding procedure with the Purohit (Priest) chanting mantra, Nivedita and Sandeep exchanged garlands. Then the other rituals of Kanyadaana, SaptaPadi and Mangalyam Tantu Nanena.....

As usual on such occasion, grand traditional lunch follows with 2-3 sweets and the wishing/blessing  of newly married couple for their happy, long married life.

At Beegara Outhana, Bengaluru

The celebrations were grand the party was sooper.

written Thursday 27th April 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Wednesday, 19th April 2017

Mayagundi KrishnaMoorthy Bhat (We affectionately call him Kittu, is very enterprising and dynamic person. He has great love for culture, heredity and antique things. He visits old houses, which had one time great stories to tall about their existence. But due to one reason or the other, houses are not maintained or no one to look after the place. He collects the items for a price, and displays it for pleasure and exhibits in a separately built house, next to his living house.

Though we had been earlier visits to this place, it is always a pleasure to visit again and again.

The house, display of items are very creatively done, much to the appreciation of visitors.

Music videos are shot at the venue and it is really superb.

We were there at his place on Wednesday, 19th April and spent few hours and enjoyed Kittu's hospitality also.

It was real pleasure to spend time there.

written Wednesday 26th April 2017


Wednesday 19th April2017

To celebrate the arrival of new member of the family, a function is organized called NAMAKARANA, or naming ceremony. Traditionally it's in the girl's parents house , relations and friends are invited for the occasion and a grand lunch is arranged.

One such occasion was at MayaGundi, Puttur, near Udupi, my elder sister Babi's place. Her son Bhaskar Bhat's daughter Aishwarya Murali 2-month old baby boy naming ceremony.

We were there for the occasion,witnessed the function, had sumptuous grand lunch and relaxed at Kittu's Antique house.

written Wednesday 26/4/2017


Monday, 18th April 2017

As we decided to go to ooru by train, booked ticket in advance for day train in Karwar Express, which leaves Yeshwanthpur at 7 am. It was AC ChairCar and journey was smooth.

Sakaleshapur - Subramanya Road segment of the Railway track is one of the most picturesque route in the Western Ghats of South India. This is unique beautiful spot in the whole railway track, because of dense green forest in which it situated. The stretch of the track with length about 52 km has around 57 tunnels and 109 bridges with length varying from few metres to 750 m and the height varying from few metres to 200 metres. The tunnels are absolute terrestrial abyss.

It takes almost 3 hours to cover the distance of 52 km as two engines are added to pull and push the compartments. People stand/sit on the doorways to view the beautiful scenery.  The tail and head of the train could be seen in bends and through the tunnels only lights in the compartment.

It was a journey to enjoy, we waited for long and it was simply beautiful. Hats off to the engineers. architects who designed the route, bridges and tunnels  and the  people who executed it .

The train reached Mangalore Junction at 5.15pm and waiting for one hour before leaving for Udupi. We got off from the train, took an auto reach the city, got into a express bus and reached Udyavar at 7.30 pm.

It was a pleasant jorney, but was little boring.

written 26th April 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017


Sunday 23rd April 2017

"Bengaluru BSNL employees old temples visit group" regularly organizes the visit to temples around Bengaluru and Karnataka.  We had an opportunity to join the group of 100 people in two big buses. It was a well organized one day tour with breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places for Rs 800 pax.
The place and temples visited were as follows:

1. Wagata - Shri Varadaraja Swamy, Someshwara Temple.


2. BethaMangala - Sri Vijayendra Temple, Anjaneya Temple.

3. Tekal -  Sri VaradaRaja Temple, Anjaneya Temple.

4. Chikka Tirupathi -  Sri Venkateshwara Temple

5. Kalkunte Agrahara - Sri Ranganatha Temple

6. AanaGongana Halli - Sri Baneshwara Swamy Temple.

Left at 7 am from VijayaNagara and returned to K R Puram Tin factory by 8.30pm and with dinner parcel reached home.

Weather was not very hot and the trip was good.

written Monday 24th April 2017