Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Wednesday, 21st June 2017
Coffee Board Park, Kempapura, Hebbala, NammaBengaluru.

It is the third year since Yoga has got the International status when United Nations declared 21st June every year is International Yoga Day, since it is the longest day of the year.

More than 160 countries in the world are celebrating this event, including many Muslim countries, spreading awareness and importance of Yoga.

Yoga is beyond borders, religion and it is for personal health and fitness. More and more countries in the world are beginning to understand the importance of this.

At the Coffee Board Park, Vivekanand School of Yoga organized the event with large number of people to participate. The celebrations started at 6 am, included prayer, welcome speech, importance of yoga by one veterinary doctor about the various aspects of Ashtanga Yoga i.e.
1) Yama - General do's and dont's
2) Niyama - Discipine
3) Aasana - Body conditioning (fitness)
4} Pranayama - Breathing (Inhale and exhale)
5) Pratyaahara - control of mind
6) Dhaarana - concentration
7) Dhyaana - meditation
8) Samaadhi - joining the almighty

"Jhalak" of the program

It was 90 -minutes program started at 6 am with various aasanas, pranayama and relaxation.

Written Thursday 22nd June 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017


Saturday 17th June 2017
H N Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru

K S NarasimhaSwamy (1915 - 2003) was a Kannada poet, lyricist, and writer. His popular collection of poems "Mysuru Mallige" has seen more than 32 reprints.

K S NarasimhaSwamy Trust organized an event to pay tribute to the Kannada Scholar with two award presentation to Poet K S Nisar Ahmed and Singer Ratnamala Prakash.

Ratnamala Prakash

Prof. K S Nisar Ahmed
The highlight of the program was presentation of award was done by 105-year old scholar Prof G VenkataSubbaih on the dais and spoke about K N NarasimhaSwamy for more than 20 minutes, remembering the time he spent and encouraging the poet.

Dr Nisar Ahmed 80- year old "Nityotsava" fame poet, receiving the award spoke in length about his association with KSN and thanked the trust members for honoring him.
Prof G VenkataSubbaih Speaking
Ratnamala Prakash, with her melodious voice sang few Kannada songs, accompanied by Kikkeri KrishnaMoorthy.

It was an well organized event with Archana Udupa rendering few KSN songs in the beginning.

written Tuesday 20th June 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Saturday 17th June 2017
Ranga Shankara, Namma Bengaluru.
"CHITRA" - was one of the play presented as a part of Sripad Bhat's "Natakotsava" at RangaShakara. It was three-day drama festival by a very creative, innovative director Sripad Bhat.

Chitra is a story linked to Partha from MahaBharatha. It is the conflict about a woman's real love and superficial love, natural beauty and artificial beauty.
M S Satyu felicitating the artists
Chitra, a princess, during her hunting expedition, comes across man "Partha" sitting alone on a rock and attracted by him and falls in love. When she asks his companionship, he refuses since he was observing bachelorhood for a year.
Presenting the artists
Chitra, disappointed and offended by the man and goes to Goddess of Love "Madana" for her help. She gets superficial beauty from Madana and her team, returns to Partha, who couldn't believe his eyes of "SuraSundari" Chitra and falls in love, she responds and they unite.
a young artist
Partha appreciates her natural beauty rather than artificial make up and they marry to live together.

The play was more of Dance-Drama, presented beautifully by group of young dancers with near perfect movements and actions. The dialogues, presentation, music and singing was excellent.

with Director Dr Sripad Bhat
80-minute play had very impressive stage setting and hats off to the very creative Director Sripad Bhat.

written Sunday 18th June 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Tuesday, 30th May 2017

Kuruva Dweep (Kuruva Islands) Wayanad, is protected river delta on the Kabini River in Wayanad District of Kerala, about 40 km from Kalpetta. It is the only island surrounded by with naturally purified water source.

This consists of dense and evergreen forest that is uninhabited and hence home to rare kinds of flora and fauna, species of birds, orchids and herbs.

Kruvadweep is normally closed from May to early December due to monsoon and retreading monsoons. The islands have massive trees, the boughs of which at some places stoop down and caress the river water.

It's existing for visitors for some blissful and serene moments, and a place for cool shades of big trees and listen to lullaby of gurgling river.

We were there around 10.30 am and after paying entrance fee of Rs 80.00 per person, crossed to the island by a rope boat, with lots of people. Spent around 2 hours, walking and playing in the flowing water.

It was nice time spent at the island.

written Wednesday 14th June 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017


31st May - 2nd June 2017

We wanted to utilize 2 nights/3 days holiday offer from Country Club. We booked for a hotel and it was Ayur County Resort, 22 km from Munnar Town, on the way to Thekkady.

Having left from Wayanad, 30th night at 10.30 pm in a KSRTC bus, reached Munnar town at 7.30 am, a distance of 370 km. The taxi and Jeep drivers were behind us to book for hotel. We chose a jeep driver StephanRaj to take us to AyurCounty Resort. He also showed us to Sharavana Bhavan to have breakfast, which we sincerely agreed to. After breakfast, he took us through beautiful picture book, sprawling tea plantations and winding roads to the resort, which was excellent. We checked in, relaxed and in afternoon, enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the pleasant weather.

Next day 1st June, we booked a taxi for sightseeing around Munnar for the whole day for Rs 2000/- and left the resort at 9.30 am. After breakfast again at Saravana Bhavana, proceeded to Kallar falls and spent some time. From there, next stop was at Kerala Spice Farm, on the hills. It's massive organization with a aggressive marketing team. The moment visitors stop on the roadside, we are taken in a jeep down the hill with a guide for a Fee of Rs100.00 per person.

The lady took us round the farm, giving explanation and uses of plants and its medicinal value. Actually it is marketing strategy. After an hour of touring round the farm, we are taken again in the jeep to shop selling ayurvedic medicine using those plants and invariably visitors end up in buying fairly good amount of stuff.

After returning to Munnar and having lunch at Sangeetha Restaurant, proceeded towards Metupatty side for dam, Honeycomb tree, elephant ride, wild elephants area, shooting spot, boating area, echo point and rose garden. It was 6 pm when finished our sightseeing and returned to resort by 7 pm.

It was a day well spent seeing various venues in cool and pleasant weather.

Next morning we checked out from the resort, came to Munnar by local bus, had lunch and took KSRTC bus to ALUVA, a distance of 110 km and reached at 5.30 pm to catch train at 9 pm, taking us back to Bengaluru.

Next morning at 8 am we were at Bengaluru Contonment station, where Rishi with Seena came to pick us up and back home after breakfast.

written 12th June 2017