Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Wednesday, 30th March 2016

It's about few months ago I saw couple of pigeons on the terrace of my house in BhuvaneshwariNagara, Bengaluru. I felt they were also looking for some food. Some few wheat grains were put in a small bowl. They were trying grab as many grains as possible in a short time.
As the days and months passed by, number of birdies increased and I also increased the quantity of wheat grains, I also started spreading it on the terrace so that each birdie will get their share of grains.
Nowadays about 3-4 pigeons present in the morning when I go up the terrace as if they know I will be coming with their food. As soon as I put the grains, some 12-15 birdies come from nowhere and start gulping the grains.
Within minutes, not a single grain is left the terrace and some will be walking around hoping for some left over grains.

I also had a small cardboard cage in the bathroom window. But due to complaints from the neighbour, it was removed.

written 30thMarch2016


Saturday and Sunday, March 26-27, 2016

RahulSharma on Santoor
It was free music program arranged by SAPTHAK, Bengaluru and Veena Academy, Pune, part of Music Festival for two evenings at prestigious Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleshwara, Bengaluru.
On the first day, Rahul Sharma on Santoor and concert by Hindustani Vocalist Kalapini Komkini.

Hindustani Vocalist Kalapini Komkini
On the second day, JugalBandhi by AtulKumar Sharma on Violin and Praveen Godkindi on Bansuri and beautiful concert by Hindustani Vocalist, PadmaBhooshan Parveen Sultana Begum.
Both days programs were treat for music lovers. RahulSharma on Santoor played beautiful renditions on Raag Pahaadi and mesmerized the audience. Vidushi Kalapni sang well with her heavy voice. She sang Raag Namd for an hour.

AtulKumar Sharma & Praveen Godkindi
The second day's program was commenced exactly at 6 pm as announced and also excellent opportunity for music fans to enjoy Godkindi with Bansuri ably supported by AtulKumar Sharma with Violin.

Hindustani Vocalist Parveen Sultana Begum
Begum Parveen Sultana Begum is an Assamese Hindustani Classical singer of Patiala Gharana.
Celebrated Hindustani Vocalist Parveen Sultana Begum was superb with her powerful voice. She sang Raag Rageshwari for 40 minutes and gave a khayal on raag Basanth. The audience glued to the seats and made them to float with high voice and rendition.

written on Monday 28th March 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Saturday 19th March to Wednesday 23March 2016 (5 days)

Baba RamDev

YogaGuru Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali Yoga Trust organized FREE Dhyana and Yoga Camp for five days, 5AM to 7.30 am at TripuraVahini, Palace Grounds, NammaBengaluru on the dates mentioned above.

RamDev in action
I was happy that I participated in all the five days for full session of the camp.
It was an amazing experience. The large crowd who come as early as 4.30am, massive organization, Patanjali volunteers, dignitaries coming in the early morning  to deliver their short "Bhaashan" and BabaRamdev's tremendous energy, enthusiasm, humour and wit. Keeping the participants active and involved in the exercises and dhyaana is very very great.

Baba RamDev spends first one hour mailny dhyana and meditation with breathing exercises like Kapalabathi, Bastrika, Alom-Vilom, Bramari breathing practices. The live music and RamDev's anecdotes, humour and benefits of yoga. "YOGI - ROGI" catchword making the people to do regular dhyana , asanas and exercises.

Celebrating Holi with flowers
RamDev also doing marketing of Pathanjali products for household daily usages like soap, toothpaste oil etc.
Jhalak of the camp
The camp ended with a small celebrations of Holi with flowers.
written Wednesday 23rd march 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

New MAHINDRA KUV100 K6 (Young SUV)

Saturday 19th March 2016

Handing over
The idea of changing the car came about three months ago and search for the new car started at that time. Cost, comfortable, good mileage and look etc..... 
So finally settled for Mahindra KUV100, a new trend like young SUV and after taking a test drive at Shireesh Motors, Yalahanka, and booked for the car about two months ago.
It was last week the Sales Executive called to inform that the new car would be available within a week and I should arrange the finance for the car which was duly arranged through Karnataka Bank, BhuvaneshwariNagar, courtesy manager Gaurish Halambi.

Saturday after lunch with Ravi, Rishi and Mom went to Shireesh Motors ShowRoom and there everything was arranged for inauguration with cutting the tape and handing over ceremony by the sales executive.
It was a pleasant surprise. Formalities were finished and came home with all New KUV100 K6..

The next day Sunday, the sale executive came home to fix the number plate KA 50P 4538, later in the evening, the car was taken to GaneshTemple at SahakaraNagar for pooja and came back home.
written Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Sunday 13th March 2016

Scenes in the play
StoryTeller, Director Nagaraja Somayaji
"Mouna" - means Silence, Kannada drama was presented by M.C. Nagaraja Somayaji and his team at A D A RangaMandira, NammaBengaluru on Sunday 13th March 2016 at 7.30pm
The 80 minutes play is collection of short stories by different authors with a concept of different life situations and the characters goes into silence.

Kalavidaru, actors with guests
May be it's two friends arguing over some issues, a girl dumping a lover boy, a working father unable to meet the demands of his son due to financial difficulties or a youngster unable to cope with the stress, or problems of a homemaker with the young daughter, working at late night. Mouna emphasises the conflict that take place within, before and after the silence takes over, and the portrayal of tales of repentance and solace.
The drama could be more effective if positive messages are given, when life situations are difficult to handle and how one can overcome these difficulties.
The play is presented in a dim light stage with the narrator, story teller, sitting in a corner and shadow play effects are used on the stage. The dialogues are lengthy and more effectiveness could be done.

with PrakashHegde, Mr&Mrs Bharashwaj
written Wednesday 16th March 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016


13th March 2016, Sunday

Duathlon is an athletic event consisting of running leg(3 km) followed by cycling leg (16 km) and then followed by running leg (3 km) in a format with some resemblance to triathlons.

Radio Mirchi has conducted first edition of duathlon  on Sunday 13th March 2016 at Ozone Urbana, near KempeGowda International Airport, near DeavanaHalli. The event is meant for all fitness lovers who like to run and bike and challenge themselves.
Rishi registered himself for the event and we, myself and mom, joined as supporters and for cheering.
We reached the venue as early as 6am, when already so many cars and people assembled and a stage, where music is played with heavy sound and many were doing the fitness exercise.
There were many who tied up the bicycles at the back of the vehicles and many were riding to participate in the event. It's hobby for youngsters, mostly softies and children of well-to-do families.

The event was flagged of at 7 am with a large of participants and enthusiasts and supporters.
Rishi completed the event in 1 hour and 30 minutes,
Good effort and congratulations.
written Tuesday 15th March 2016