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Sunday 26th February 2017
TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagar, NammaBengaluru

Shivarma Karantha Vedike, R T Nagara, Bengaluru organized third program for the month, Birth Centenary Celebrations of Dr GopalaKrishna Adiga ((1918 - 1992), one of the distinguished poets of his time. He was one of the greatest practitioners of modernist tradition (Navya) in Kannada literature.

Lighting lamp - Inauguration 
To commemorate birth centenary occasion, distinguished scholars were invited to give lecture on Adiga's literature. Nadoja Dr Nisar Ahmed, Nityotsava fame poet, Dr Basvaraj Kalgudi, Eminent writer, Sri S R Vijaya Shankar,  distinguished critic and Sri B V Kedilaya, Senior scholar and critic , being the chairperson.

P C Chadaga, Nisar Ahmed, S R VijyaShankar, Basavaraj Kalgudi, B V Kedilya
"Just like one owes a lot to the society, one also feels indebted to the poet, as in case of GopalaKrishna Adiga, for opening the eyes of an entire generation."

The program began with an invocation song followed by welcome and introduction of guests by P. ChandraShekara Chadaga, who has been managing the Vedike in various capacities, a sincere, hard-working and a dedicated fan of Kota Shivarma Karanth.

with Nisar Ahmed
"Hanathe" - released 

Dr Nadoja Nisar Ahmed spoke about his association with Adiga and elaborated his thinking on poetry and the issues.

Sr S R VijayaShankar, in his address narrated some incidences with GopalaKrishnaAdiga and the great depth of his poetry and literature.

Dr BasavaRaj Kalgudi, speaking on Adiga's poetry and literature highlighted greatness and firm belief in his ideology and thinking.

Sri B V Kedilaya, a powerful speaker and a well read person, recently released a book on Adiga, "ADIGA - NENAPU ADIGADIGE", spoke in his usual style, with humour and facts.

The program ended with vote of thanks by deputy secretary.

written Monday 27th Feb 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Tuesday, 21st February 2017

As legend has it - where Jatayu fell after being injured by Ravana is Lepakshi, Vijayanagara-era temple built on the rocks is 16th century.

The famed hanging column of pillar of Lepakshi temple is architectural marvel and tribute to engineering genius of ancient India's temple builders. A towel or a sheet of paper can pass under the pillar showing that it is not resting in the ground. It is unfortunate that during British era, a British Engineer tried to move it in an unsuccessful attempt to uncover the secret of its support.

Lepakshi is located in Ananthpur District of Andhra Pradesh and is about 120km from Bengaluru.

The temple built by Virupanna and Veeranna who were in the service of Vijayangara Kings  on a rocky hill called "Kurmasailam", VeeraBhadra temple.It has idols of Ganesh, Nandi, Veerabhadra. Shiva, Bhadrakali, Vishnu and Lakshmi.

The name "Le Pakshi" - rise bird said Rama compassionately, came from  a story in Ramayana when the bird Jatayu fell after a battle with Ravana, who was carrying Sita.

The spots of attraction in the temple are about 70 pillars each one is carved with different idols, a huge Ganesha, carved in the stone, a massive Naga with three coils and seven hoods, forms a sheltering canopy over a black grnite ShivaLinga.

The temple also has finest specimens of mural paintings.

There is a spectacular nandi, located about a mile from the main temple, 27ft length and 15ft in height, reputably biggest monolithis, finely carved ornaments and smooth contours adding to its grandeur. There is also half built Kalyana Mandapam and Natya mandapam, dance hall with superbly sculpted pillars.
Lunch at Nandi Upachar

It is amazing to see the wonderful work and the brilliant brains people had in those days, permanent monuments build without the help of modern technology.

written Sunday 26th Feb 2017


Tuesday 21st Feb. 2017

We left from Vidurashwatha and proceeded to Lepakshi and after passing through GouriBidanoor, a few kilometers before Hindupur, a small Shiva Temple with a huge statue of Shiva and hundreds of Shivalinga placed nicely around the statue.

The place is called BasvanaPalli at Hindupur.

We spent about half an hour going around the place remembering the person who thought of rejuvenating old Shiva Temple to  tourist attraction spot.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Tuesday 21st February 2017

Vidurashwath is small and ancient village in GouriBidanoor Taluk, ChikkaBallapur District of Karnataka. It's about 35 km from Ghati Subramanya on hilly road.

The name derived from Ashwatha Tree (Ficus religiosa) located in this village. According to legend, the tree was planted by Vidura, courtier in the kingdom of Dritharashtra, during the time of Mahabharatha, hence the name VIDURASHWATHA.

There is also a temple dedicated to NagaDevatha, which is as old as the tree. Here people do the NagaPrathistana to fulfill their wishes, such as having child or to achieve in their business etc. The pooja and worship is done to get rid of all problems concerned NagaDosha, SarpaSamskara.

Vidurashwath is also called Jalianwala Bagh of South. In 1938, more tha 35 people died due to firing by British soldiers. There is a memorial and  exhibition of events in memory of late freedom fighters.
Unfortunately it was closed, Tuesday being the weekly holiday.

After an hour we left the place for our next destination Lepakshi.


Tuesday 21st February 2017

To take relation came from ooru, planned  a visit to Ghati Subramanya and two other places. It's about 60 km from Bengaluru and little more than an hour's drive.

Sister's daughter Jaya and her husband Krishnamoorthy Bhat, son Niranjan and brother Krishnamoorthy Bhat (Kiitu), wife Nalini and myslef in driver's seat, left fro BirthiMane, Bengaluru at 7.30am after breakfast, reached the temple premises at 8.45am. The deity door was closed for abhishek and Alankara.

The uniqueness of the temple. believed to be 600 years old,  is that the prime deity Lord Karthikeya is found together with Lord Narasimha, seen in the mirror placed. It is believed to have emerged from the earth.

We waited for about an hour for Deity's darshan as there were people crowding queue was building up. Darshan was for less than 10 seconds and we were out from the temple with prasada.

Our next destination was Vidurashwatha,

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Monday, February 13, 2017


Sunday 12 February 2017 5.30pm
Tarala Balu Kendra, Auditorium, R T Nagara, NammaBengaluru,

Suvarana Prasadhana YakshaRanga presented Yakshagaana,  a story (Prasanga) from Mahabharatha, "Gadha Yuddha". At the end the great battle between Kouravas and Pandavas, Kouravesha (Duryodhana, Suyodhana) was left behind. To save himself from eventual killing from Pandavas, he hides in water of Vyshampayana Lake.

Pandavas (DharmaRaya, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva with their mentor SriKrishna) find out the location of Suyodhana in water and chides and insults him to come out, The final battle between Bhima and Duryodhana is "Gadha Yuddha", played umteen number of times various artists from different groups of Yakshagana (Mela).

What makes the difference is the presentation of the play, with the artists showing their skills and expertise in the dance, dialogues, expression and poise and pose (Abhinaya).  The mature artists who played Duryodhana, SriKrishana, Bhima. Ashwathama, and Hasya roles were excellent and the "Bhaagavataru" singing was also very good.
150-minutes presentation of YakshaGaana ,"Dance Ballet" was superb.

Organizer Krishna Prasad PanjiMogaru

A sample of visuals cane be seen in the Blog.

written Monday 13/2/2017


TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara, Namm Bengaluru
Sunday, 12th February 2017

"Shivarama Karantha Vedike" - An association started in 1993 by few Dr Kota Shivarama Karantha abhimanis (fans) completed 24 years of continuous activities on Art, Culture, and Kannada literature. It's started by Sri Pandeshwara ChandraShekara Chadaga, Sri B V Kedilaya and few others. Mr Chadaga's untiring effort and enthusiasm keeps the activities continuous .

PROF. M. R. NAGARAJU, speaking
As part of Silver Jubilee year, a series of programs throughout the year are planned. The inaugural function took place on Sunday 12th February 2017 at TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara.
The function was inaugurated by Prof. M R Nagaraju by lighting the lamp. He gave an excellent speech in Kannda on the topic "Beginning and development of YakshaGaana". The Professor is master in his knowledge of Yakshagana enumerated how coastal people encouraged and enjoyed the stories from MahaBharatha and Ramayana played whole night with grand costume, songs with mridanga and chande, dance and dialogues.
VeeraShekara Swamy thanking....
At 5.30pm, a Yakshagaana was organized at the auditorium by Suvarana Prasdhana YakshaRanga, which lasted up to 8.30pm with hall being full.

written Monday 13th Feb. 2017