Monday, November 28, 2016


Sunday 27th November 2016
Kannada Katte, Coffee Board Layout Park, Kempapura, Hebbala, Bengaluru.

The month of November. Kannada speaking people in the state and all over the world celebrate Rajyotsava, the formation of linguistic states on November 1st, 1956.

Bytarayanapura Unit of Kannada Sahitya Parishath organized the Rajyotsava Program at Kannada Katte, outside Coffee Board Park, Kempapura, Hebbala, Bengaluru on Sunday 27th November, 6pm. The local political leaders were invited and the Minister KrishnaByre Gowda and MLA of the Constituency had only time to arrive, deliver his speech and leave. Constituency Member of Parliament (M.P) Mr. D V Sadananda Gowda had his name only printed on the invitation and he had no time to be present.

Dr Siddalingaih delivering his speech
Dr Siddalingaiah, an eminent poet and playwright writing in Kannada and a Dalit activist and a politician. He was the chief guest and spoke at length about Kannada Language, Kannadigas who are so large hearted and welcome all non-kannadigas and try to speak their language instead of teaching Kannada. However, he urged every Kannada speaking person to use, teach and feel proud about Karnataka and the Kannada Language. Other speakers also spoke about Karnataka and Kannada.

Scenes from Girija Kalyana
Cultural Program followed with two hour Kannada Drama, by Adamya Kalaranga directed by Malthesh Badiger. The drama revolves around a young clever girl from a village, who was fascinated by films and dreams of marrying her famous matinee idol, like any other girls. But just before she completes her schooling, she was was married off to a young farmer Nani and Girija's dreams and aspirations remained in the village with Nani. She was happy and had a child, Nani gets a loan from shark bankers for their farm to grow more in their fields. But due to drought situation, he could not repay the loan and ends up committing suicide.

The Actors
A middleman, an agent, lures Girija that she will get a compensation from the Government, and takes her to Capitol Bangalore. She was appalled by the corruption and red tapism in the Government offices and the greedy politicians to sanction her compensation. and loses everything she had and returns to the village.

The questions on society and the morals..... who's fault?? Girija's dreaming? their taking loan? shark bankers? Governments inability to protect the honest farmers? or the hungry and greedy politicians??

Director Badiger receiving felicitations
Girija, enacted by Bhargavi Gowda done an excellent job in different roles of her character, active young girl, married woman, life with her husband, the baby, losing her husband and her desperation in the city to get the compensation. Nani, her husband and the other actors also did a good job. The play with lot of songs and accompanying dances by village men, women and the narrator on the TV screen narrating the events that took place in the village.

It was a good effort, enjoyable and at times hilarious but the sad ending and empathy was not expected by the people who enjoy entertainment.

written Tuesday 29th November 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Saturday, 26th November 2016
Chitrakala Parishath, NammaBengaluru
Continuing the series of "Kala Sandhya" program at ChitraKala Parishath, Bengaluru, organized a tribute to Smt. Nagaratnamma, former speaker of Vidhan Parishath and President of ChitraKala Parishat.
Tribute to Smt Nagaratnamma
Sri Mahadeva Prasad and Krishnappa, Ministers in Karanataka Congress Government were the guests. Both highlighted the accomplishments and work of Smt. Nagaratnamma.

"Mukhya Mantri" (Chief Minister) - Kannada Drama from Kala Gangotri, Bengaluru, a political satire directed by B V Rajaram, and lead actors MukhyaMantri Chandru (His name) and Manjunath Hegde.

Scenes from the Play
The stage setting is swathed with white with diwans at CM's residence and a colleagues residence with a party uniform with a white cap. The exceptions were colour of telephones and hearts of the characters involved.

Krishna Dwaipayana Kaushal (Chandru), Chief Minister of UdayaChal State is worried about losing his CM's chair as rivals in the party are jockeying to catch the High Command's attention to grab his post. Frequently CM's name is referred to KD Kaushal (ಕೇಡಿ ) "rowdy-sheeter", with its obvious negative connotations. Few laughs were raised when KD dictates the next days news report to a journalist, before the events have actually transpired.

Many times dialogues were not needed to get the audience into laughter, as the audience thinks of the present situation in some states. Many conversations happen over the telephones that clearly belong to 1980's. The mere sight of the rival, Party President Sudarshan Dubey (Manjunath Hegde)  after few drinks and some well-executed manoeuvres to accomplish the same, reminding of present scenario in the Government and Party, is sufficient to get the audience into laughter.

with Director B V Rajaram

with Lead Actor "Mukhya Mantri Chandru"
The play directed by B V Rajaram, is enacting its 599th show and lead actor Chandrashakhar has changed his name to "Mukhyamantri Chandru". He has played the role in all the enactments of the play over more the 35years, his dialogues are delivered with a characteristic smile at times, loud and clear, typical of present day politicians.

Good Kannda Drama to watch and enjoy.

written Sunday 27th November 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"TREASURE HUNT" Rally - Mahindra KUV100

Sunday, 20th November 2016
Hotel Lalith Ashok, NammaBengaluru

It's about eight months since we bought the new Mahindra KUV100 (Young SUV) and we have been running around with it in Bengaluru City and outside the city. The vehicle is comfortable and majestic to drive. Though I was apprehensive about the low mileage in the beginning, after the first service, it has improved slightly.

Rishi(Driver) & Ravi (Co-Driver)
Mahindra KUV has organized a "Treasure Hunt" event on Sunday 20th November 2016 and I got a call from the showroom and invited me to participate in the event. Though I didn't have a clue about the nature of the event I happily agreed to participate in the event. Rishikanth was also there and we reached venue of the event at 9am. Ravi and Vidya also joined as at the venue.

Crew (Vidya & Nalini)
After the registration, there was a briefing by the organizers about the event. It is in the Time-Speed-Distance rally format and treasure hunt. The route instruction book was given a total reading, direction and the instructions.There were manual time control, treasure hunt to fill in the blanks in the event route.

Rishikanth was driver and Ravikanth was co-driver, guide and director. Appa, Nalini and Vidya were crew members.

After setting the ODO reading to zero at 10.45 am, we were flagged off from the hotel and the first stop was to re-fuel.

The route was cover a total distance of 47.90 Km and there were FIVE treasure hunt.

1) At a distance of 1.70km, Vegetarian Hotel Royal Orchard
2) at a distance of 6.25Km, you play Match Day
3) at 11.15 km, Electronic Institute at force station
4) at 17.45 km  HDFC ATM
5) at 24.55 Km , Bharti Farm

After refueling again at fuel station, we returned to the hotel premises by 1 pm. It was our first rally and was a pleasant drive in country roads and through villages.

Receiving the Prize
Winners were decided by the time limit and distance indicated and penalty points for reaching earlier.

Grand lunch was arranged by the organizers to all participants and their family.

Post lunch session was magic show for children and Prize distribution and feedback session.

for Marketing
To our surprise, we were called for receiving the prize in the first four winners. It was gift voucher for Shoppers Stop. There was also gift voucher for PVR cinemas for all participants.

It was a nice event and happy to have participated with all of us.

written Monday 21st November 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


Super moon is spectacular phenomenon, brightest moon in almost 68 years that light up the sky on 14th November2016. and people across the globe can watch.

SuperMoon is a astrological term. It's perigee of the earth-moon-sun system. The moon orbits round the earth in elliptical orbit and the distance varies from 363396 km at the perigee (nearest) and to 405504km at the apogee (farthest). At the time of SuperMoon, full occurs when it is closest to the earth.

We made an attempt to view the event from the terrace of our house BirthiMane, at BhuvaneshwariNagar, Hebbal, NammaBengaluru at about 8.30pm.

I also made an effort to take some pictures using my ordinary digital camera, but I was not very happy as it did not show much difference to show that it is really "SuperMoon"

However, had the satisfaction of watching the event.

written Tuesday 15th Nov,2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Tulasi Pooja is a ritual of marriage of Tulasi plant Lord Vishnu, symbolically represented by Gooseberry plant. The word Tulasi is incomparable, something that is unique and is considered a sacred plant and is planted at the entrance of the house to bring good fortune and positive energy into the house. It is believed that any Hindu household is incomplete without a tulasi plant.

It is also believed that Tulasi is incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, who is beloved of Lord Vishnu. The plant possesses different healing properties and improve mind and body.

The ceremony is performed on eleventh/twelfth day of bright fortnight of month of Karthik.

On Saturday, 12th November, mom searched for gooseberry plant in the neighborhood and put in the soil along with Tulasi plant at the entrance of the house, decorated with flowers and rangoli, lighted lamps and performed a short pooja.

God Bless all.

written Monday 14th November 2016


Sunday, 13th November 2016
Kengal Hanumanthiah Kala Soudha, NammaBengaluru.

SvapnaVasavadatta (Dream of Vasavadatta) is a Sanskrit play written by ancient Indian poet, Bhasa.
The plot of the drama is drawn from the romantic narratives about the Vatsa King Udayana and VasavaDatta, the daughter of Pradyota, the ruler of Avanthi, which was current in the poet's time. This has captivated popular imagination.

The main theme of the drama is the sorrow of Udayana for his Queen VasavaDatta, believed by him to have perished in a fire which was actually a rumor spread by Yaugandharayana, a minister of Udayana, to compel his King to marry Padmavathi, the daughter of King of Magadha.

The plot of the drama is drawn from the romantic narratives about the Vatsa King Udayana and Vasavadatta.

The play is translated to kannada by Keerthinatha Kurthukoti and enacted on stage by "Drushya" drama group and is directed by Dakshayini Bhat.
The play is well presented on stage, artists did their best and costumes, clarity of expressions were excellent and completed in the stipulated time of 90 minutes.

It was as if the audience were taken to olden days rule of Kings, Ministers and Palace courtesy.

written Monday 14th Nov. 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016


Friday 11/11/2016.
ChitrakalaParishath. NammaBengaluru

This time "KalaSandhya" program organized was "Kuvempu" Kavi Namana at ChitraKala Parishath, Bengaluru. The earlier program was "Ranga Geethegalu" By B Jayashree.

Mrs M D Pallavi, a renowned singer with a melodious voice, popular for all types of songs, sand many poems of RashtraKavi Kupppalli Puttappa (Kuvempu).

Kuvempu (1904 - 1994) was a novelist, poet, critic and thinker. He was first among the Kannada writers to be decorated with prestigious Jnana Peetah Award. for his contributions to Kannada Literature, Karnataka Government has decorated him with "Rashtra Kavi" in 1958, He was also awarded with "Karnataka Ratna" in 1992. His epic narrative Shri Ramayana Darshana, the modern rendering Ramayana, is regarded as revival of contemporary form and charm.

"Jaya Bharatha Jananiye Tanujathe, Jaya Hai Karnataka Mathe" written by him is being sung a Karnataka State Anthem (NaadaGeethe).

with M D Pallavi
M D Pallavi, with accompanying artists, Tabla, Keyboard, Rhythm pad and flute, sang many songs including Oh Nanna Chetana, Barisu Kannada Dindima, Baagilolu KaiMugidu olage Baa Yatrikane, among others and of course, the program concluded with JayaBharatha Jananiye Tanujathe.....

It was a beautiful musical evening.

written Saturday 12th Nov. 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016


Date: Sunday, 6th November 2016
Venue: Ravindra Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru.
Governor lighting the Lamp
DooraDarshana Chandana Vahini organized annual Award function and Rajyotsva with popular "Madhura MadhuraVee Manjula Gaana" program at prestigious Ravindra KalaKshetra, NammaBengaluru on Sunday 6th November 2016 at 5 pm.
Dr Mahesh Joshi  

We reached the venue by 4.30pm, as we were expecting a big crowd and we managed to find seats fairly in front of the stage.

H.E. Governor of Karnataka Shri VajuBhai Vala was the Chief Guest and Chief Secretary Subhash Kuntia, Prasara Bharathi member S C Panda were guests of honour. The program started little after 5pm with arrival of the Governor and singing of RashtraGeethe. The additional Director, DooraDarshana, Nadoja Dr Mahesh Joshi welcomed the guests, award winners, participants and the audience.
Junior RajKumar

The selection committee was headed by Retd. Justice Shivaraj Patil, consisting of 15 distinguished members from the various fields. The 12 people selected from various specialization and were awarded with a shawl, garland and a plaque by the Governor. They are:

1. Smt. B V Vasantha Lakshmi (Dance)
2. Vidwan S Shankar (Music)
3. Shri RajaRamamurthy (Gamaka)
4. Smt Padmavathi SomuGowda (Folk)
5. Sri Mohammed Idriss Ahmed Quadri (Agriculture)
6. Sri Mime Ramesh (Drama)
7. Sri S Suresh (Cinema)
8. Dr Sharan Shivaraj Patil (Health)
9. Shri Vivek Shanbhoug (Literature)
10. Kum, Kanchan Munnolkar (Sports)
11. Anantha Sevashram Trust, MalladaHalli, (Education)
12. Odanadi Seva Trust, Mysuru (Social Service)

After a short dance performance invoking Ganesha, Chamundeshwari and Shiva, dignitaries were called to dais for lighting the lamp, and awards were given to all the winners. The Governor gave a speech on the need for recognizing the talents of people and providing platform and recognition, thereby encouraging their accomplishments. Mr S Kuntia and S C Panda also congratulated the winners in their speeches.


The second part of the program was Rajyotsava Special of "MadhuraMadhuraVee Manjula Gaana" popular music program on Chandana TV, The cultural program with number of singers with orchestra and the dance programs by children and adults, resembled Dubai Karnataka Sangha, Rajyotsava program on those days, when we were living there. The program continued up to 10pm with some speeches, highlighting the need for strengthening Kannada, state language.

The regular compere, of DD Chandana Sarthavalli Narayana Swamy was there with his usual style.

written Monday 7th Nov. 2016