Sunday, August 20, 2017


Sunday 20th August 2017
CubbonPark, NammaBengaluru

For sometime, we have been going to Cubbon Park on Sunday Morning, as it vehicle free, pet friendly day and lot of dog owners come there to refresh their pets with others dogs, normally play around in DogPark.

People do lot of activities, running, jogging, cycling, yoga, aerobic etc.



Invariably there will be some kind of marathon or sponsored programs, walkathon etc,


People also sit and watch performance on stage by artists or school children, like dance, music etc.


We were there last Sunday, walked, watched a program, participated in an aerobics for exercise.

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Sunday 19th February 2017
NagaDevaki Palace, Chotd Road, NammaBengaluru.

Adarsh is the son of Veena, who is the daughter of my deceased sister, Kamalakshi.

Veena was married to Raghavendra Upadhya, a nice gentleman, working in Grameena Bank, Hubli and around.

An occasion to celebrate his wedding with VidyaShree. an architect, working in Bengaluru.

There was get-together, the previous night, that is Saturday night at the same venue, with celebrations beginning.

Next day wedding with lot of friends and relations attending and usual Grand Wedding Lunch.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Saturday 19th August 2017


It was the wedding anniversary of my daughter Shubha with Raghu.

It was an informal get-together at Chiguru, ChikkalaSandra, NammaBengaluru.

Wedding took place on Thursday, 19th August 2004, at Lakshmi Sabha Bhavana, Udupi with a grand function with Sugama Sangeetha by Shimoga VenuGopal and YakshaGaana by "Saaketa Kalavidaru", with K G Manjuath on the lead role.

13 years later
Celebrations continued next day at Birthi Mane, Salekeri with Sri SatyaNarayana Pooja "Aarathakashthe" and grand lunch.

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Friday 18th August 2017
Nijaguna Kshetra, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru.

Sri T R Shastri - Vatsala have been close family friend during our early Dubai days.Their second daughter Shreya's wedding took place on 18th at Bangalore.

Traditional wedding as usual, lot of friends and relations.

Grand lunch as usual on wedding occasion with chiroti, holige etc.

Returned home after lunch.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Tuesday 15th August 2017

We have hoisted India's National flag in the corridor of our house "BirthiMane" this morning.

Flag Hoisting at "BirthiMane" Bengaluru
Coffee Board Park also arranged a program for celebrating 71st Independence Day, Flag hoisting and a short speech by PuttaSwamy.

Sudents of Suma Public School

Coffee Board Park, NammaBengaluru
Retired military person MohanLal hoisted the National Flag and remembered about Uttam Singh who saw people killed by General Dyre at JalianwalaBagh. Uttam Singh struggled to go to UK, worked and followed Dyre and shot him dead in a function, where he was boasting of himself.

MohanLal is now a active social worker around BhuvaneshwariNagar, promotes clean environment, swachh Bharat and tree planting. The program also had students of Suma Public School with band set.

There was shouting of  "Bolo Bharath MathaKi Hai" and "Vande Matharam"

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Sunday 13th August 2017
ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

It was the wedding of Priyanka, D/O Dr Vishwanatha Somayaji & Dr Padma Somayaji, who works in England and parents Late Dr Srinivasa Somayaji, my cousin brother, from the same family and have been living in Chennai for long.
with Banu and RameshRao
Sourabh and Mahathi

with Narayana Bhat

Ramadas, Ramachandra and Harini

Subramanya from Shimoga
The invitation came through Ramachandra Somayaji, who is also a cousin brother. We decided to go to the wedding celebrations and booked train ticket in Shatabdi Express for 12th Chennai and 13th evening in the same train to Bengaluru. It's 5 hour journey in the fast train, leaving City Railway Station at 4.30 pm and reaching Chennai central at 9.30pm.

with Seetha and Charu

I booked a can on Wuber, but could not locate the driver, hence engaged an auto to Mandavalli for Rs 200.00 We stayed at SarojiniJayaram house (mother-in-law of Ramachandra Somayaji).

Next morning, after bath and breakfast, we left for ITC Grand Chola, engaging a WuberCab,.and reached there by 9.30am. It's Five Star hotel, venue for the wedding was in a huge hall in the second floor. We again had sumptuous second breakfast with dosa, vada, crossant, kesaribath and tea.

Wedding formalities began at 10.30am, and there were more than 200 guests, relatives and friends. Some had come from Australia, USA, UK, Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore.

sumptuous buffet lunch
A purohit (priest) was giving explanation to all the rituals. After welcoming the bridegroom and the party, garlands were exchanged, KanyaDaana, and MangalaSootra procedure followed.

Dr Vishwanath Somayaji gave an emotional speech about his only little child growing up and getting married to Dr Pretheeb, who works in UK.

There were song from a famous vocalist ChiruChidambaram, and a song from a Lady .

Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai
Guests then proceeded to several course buffet lunch with so many varieties.

5.30pm, we left from Chennai Central back to Bengaluru and reached at Cantonment at 10pm.

That was quick enjoyable trip to attend the fantastic wedding and lunch.

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