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Sunday, 8th July 2018

We visited some of our relations and friends during our trip to OORU.

1. Ramachandra-Rajani at Srinidhi apartments, Kukkikatte, Udupi 

RamachandraUdupa and family had been close friend since Dubai years. His parents from Mandarthi, VishwanathaUdupa, are all very close family relations.

He now lives in a new own apartment which House warming in April 2016, along with Upanayana for his son Raghavendra. We were there to see him settled in his new apartment.

Rainy season, the surrounding looks like a hill station, with greenery, coconut trees and wet surroundings and beautiful environment.

2. Jaya-KrishnaMoorthyBhat : Mayagundi, PutturUdupi - Jayalakshmi is my sister's daughter lives with family in MayaGundi. Their son Prasanna and his wife Vishalakshi lives with them. We had a short visit to their house.

3. Wedding Beegara Outhana - Visited Bhagavathi DurgaParameshwari Temple at Puttur and had a grand lunch with lot of people at the occasion.

3. Beautiful Bhagavathi Temple at Puttur Udupi.

4. Udyavara Sujatha House - usual place we visit when coming to ooru and leaving from there, as we are using their car to go around.

5. Subramanya=Ragini house at Vamanjooru, near Mangaluru. - Just by chance Subramanya had to Udupi to attend a function on the same day and they were returning to Mangaluru. We had a ride in his car and visit his place and he dropped us at Mangaluru Railway station to catch the train to Bengaluru.

Those were the visits during our recent trip to ooru.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Friday, 6th July 2018
GuruNarasimha Kalyana Mantapa, Bengaluru

It was the wedding of grandson of P K Vittala Rao, who had been the Headmaster my school, S M S, High School, Brahmavara, Udupi District. He is now 86 years, maintaining good health, lives with his at CoffeeBoard Layout in Bengaluru.

SanathKumar is the son of Pratibha, Vittala Rao's daughter.

Wedding celebrations were grand, lot of people, relations and friends.

Udupi Pejavar Mutt Senior and Junior Swamiji came to wedding hall and blessed the young couple.

with ManoharRao, Vittala Rao

"Beeda" after heavy meal
Grand wedding feast, usual at such function was enjoyed by all.

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Saturday, 7th July 2018
Sri VishnuMurthy Temple, Mattu, Near Katpady.

We traveled to ooru to attend Shastabdi Poorthy Celebrations of Manohar Rao, as he has been a close confident and a well wisher since Dubai years. He has been an active member of UAE Beahmana Samaja Dubai and is a kind donor and is always ready to help of any kind.

Nalini, Preethi, Geetha, Manohar, Sneha , Aditya

He is with wife Geetha and two daughters Sneha and Preethi. Sneha got married to Aditya Tantry is Dec. 2016 and lives and works in Oregon, U S.

Manohar Rao, celebrating completing sixty years, god fearing person, performed various homa, shanthi at Sri VishnuMurthy Temple, Mattu, his native place, and invited large number of relatives and friends for the function. There was feast, grand lunch with several sweets, compliments to all.

The God blessed him with generous rain and it was not very easy to reach the place, however, we manage to go there and attend the function.

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Monday, July 9, 2018


Saturday/Sunday 7 -8 July 2018

BirthiHouse, Salekeri

Visit to Ooru - Udupi, Brahmavara, Salekeri, Birthi and the surroundings has always been a pleasure. The rainy season, continuous rain, greenery all around, sound of continuous rains, slippery courtyard (angala), sound of peacock around the house when the rains are little bit subsided.....

All memories of childhood days. Going to school with school bad in the heavy rains, crossing heavy water flowing in the small water ways been always scary. It was fun.

Recent visit to ooru reminded of those days.

Went by night train from Bengaluru to Mangaluru, reached by 8 am after having left from Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru at 7.30 pm previous day. Train was two hours late due to heavy rains and little landslide near Puttur, which was cleared and the rain proceeded to Mangaluru Central.

The Express buses in Karavali Karnataka is always special. You find theses very aggressive, competitive buses filling people even if it's full. They come and wait at the Railway station, for the convenience of people (also for getting passengers).

We boarded the bus to travel to Udyavara and on the way the driver was stopping for all people calling them to come to the bus, though it's express.

The rain soaked road, greenery around was very pleasant.

After having breakfast at Udyavara. proceeded to Birthi Salekeri by car again in the continuous rain.

Spent some time there, performed pooja and proceeded to our program at Mattu, Katpadi.

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