Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Doddamma, my Doddamma,  big mother, who had immense love and affection for children of her younger sister.

She lost her husband long ago and she didn't have her own children. Sister Varija's children Nalini, Vijaya and Sujatha were brought up affectionately by Doddamma. The children grew up under her care and guidance of Doddamma.

These very children were with her during her dying moments last Saturday 9th September 2017 at Udyavara, her house. The youngest sister, Sujatha, who looked after doddamma for last several years when she was bed-ridden, taking care with dedicated service, devotion, conscious effort, and love to the core.

Nalini, eldest of the sisters, reached Udyavara from Bengaluru just 30 minutes after doddamma took her last breath at 10.20pm. The binding and affection had pulled her to reach and they were all together with doddamma's soul and the body overnight, expressing feeling that they were with her after taking last breath.

Some years ago when we went with our children Ravi and Rishi, were small, went to their house she had boundless joy of seeing Nalini's children and expressed that too.

"The light of the house has gone" she said when my brother Padmanabha Somayaji passed away in 1997, as she well understood the personality and character of a person.

She lived her life well, loved by all.

Here is "SHRADDHANJALI" for the departed soul. OM SHANTHI....

posted Tuesday 12th September 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Sunday 3rd September 2017
SriKrishna Dhama, Mysuru.

Vignesh is son of Ananath Rao, who is elder brother of Nalini Somayaji.

Very pleasant and likable boy was getting engaged to a pretty girl, Priya Ural from Mysuru, her parents and grandparents settled in Mysuru. The engagement was organized for post lunch session.

Grand lunch was there, after which, parents, relations of both families were invited to the stage for witnessing the occasion. After a brief Ganesh pooja, date and venue for the wedding were finalized and invitations were exchanged.

Exchange of rings by the bride and the groom took place, and program ended with photo session.

We traveled to Mysuru by train in the morning and returned to Bengaluru in the evening.

posted Monday 11th September 2017 

Monday, August 28, 2017


Watched Saturday 26th August 2017
Venue: Orion Mall, NammaBengaluru.

SureshUsha CukkeMane from Mysuru were visiting us, and we decided to go to new Kannada movie "MARCH22"


The movie was not too bad highlighting March22 as "International Water Day"

The story is about the drought hit village RayaDurga, where communal harmony exists before the drought. AnantNag comes as a Geologist, to search for water and recommends there is water below the mosque, which leads to disharmony in the community.

The movie's hype with songs and location shootings are for mass appeal. 

All the actors performed well and the cinematography is excellent.

The celebrity entreprenuer from AbuDhabi B R Shetty was a guest actor with beautiful song "MUTTU RATNADA PYATE"  is the highlight of the movie. 

Posted Tuesday 29th August 2017


Sunday. 27th August 2017

There was an excellent presentation of street drama with concept of "SAVE WATER" by Drushti group of students of Christ College, NammaBengaluru, in the morning hours. at Cubbon Park.

Almost about 25 - 30 boys and girls, with black costume, with little bit of face painting, were trying to get the attention of people in the park, who come for morning walk

Eventually, the students gathered near the round about and began their performance. There was one guy with a small drum to draw the attention.

The idea was to create awareness about use of water, how we waste water, how we pollute the rivers and cut trees and eventually what can happen one day.

The involvement and enthusiasm of students were amazing, their actions, movement, expressions and the act was superb.

You can see a small video clip of the show.

Congratulations students, you have done a good job. Keep it up.

Posted Monday 28th August 2017


Sunday 27th August 2017
Yalahamka Satellite Town, Bengaluru.

GopiGayatri had been one of our close family friends and a well wisher during our Dubai years.

Their new house at Yalahanka satellite was almost complete and the house warming was on Sunday.

Usha Suresh Cukkemane from Mysore had come and they joined us and after a little bit of searching

around we could locate the house, one of the house at Valley Villa. As usual, there was grand lunch,

after which we left from the place.

Posted on 28t August 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Sunday 20th August 2017
CubbonPark, NammaBengaluru

For sometime, we have been going to Cubbon Park on Sunday Morning, as it vehicle free, pet friendly day and lot of dog owners come there to refresh their pets with others dogs, normally play around in DogPark.

People do lot of activities, running, jogging, cycling, yoga, aerobic etc.



Invariably there will be some kind of marathon or sponsored programs, walkathon etc,


People also sit and watch performance on stage by artists or school children, like dance, music etc.


We were there last Sunday, walked, watched a program, participated in an aerobics for exercise.

 posted on Monday 21st August 2017


Sunday 19th February 2017
NagaDevaki Palace, Chotd Road, NammaBengaluru.

Adarsh is the son of Veena, who is the daughter of my deceased sister, Kamalakshi.

Veena was married to Raghavendra Upadhya, a nice gentleman, working in Grameena Bank, Hubli and around.

An occasion to celebrate his wedding with VidyaShree. an architect, working in Bengaluru.

There was get-together, the previous night, that is Saturday night at the same venue, with celebrations beginning.

Next day wedding with lot of friends and relations attending and usual Grand Wedding Lunch.