Friday, December 30, 2011


Shivaganga betta in the mist
Climb up to Ola Kallu Thirtha
Shivaganga is only 70 km from the Garden city of Bangalore. Shivaganga in Karnataka is located in the hill top which is about 1368 meters high and lies on the national highway number 4.

The small town of Shivaganga in Karnataka is situated on the four-faced hill. The eastern part resembles the Nandi bull of Lord Shiva, the western part resembles Ganesha, the southern part resembles a linga and finally the northern part resembles King Cobra. Shivaganga in Karnataka is the home to two main shrines, Gavi Gangadhareshwara Cave Temple and Honnadevi Temple. You will be amazed to see the beautiful natural spring at Patalaganga on your way to the hilltop of Shivaganga.
Fetching for Thirtha on the top of betta
OLA KAL THIRTHA - is the cave temple at the top of the hill, where it is believed that shivalinga in the water, which is sacred.

The temple of Lord Shiva and waters found is said to be from river Ganga which was believed to be from holy waters of Ganga in Kashi. Shivaganga has a temple on the hill top where you will find a statue of Nandi. Thousands of devotees come to the temple of Shivaganga at Karnataka to pay their homage to the Lord.

The landscape of Shivaganga is very enchanting and you will have a panoramic view of the down town from the height of 1368 meters. There is a quadrangular Shivaganga Fort, located in the south western part of the old city of Shivaganga. The fort was built by the nayaka ruler, Sevappa Nayaka in the 16th century. The fort comprises of a square Shivaganga tank, Brihadishvara temple, Schwartz Church and public amusement park.

Thousands of devotee come to Shivaganga of Karnataka to take a holy dip in the tirtha or sacred water place and see the 100 pillars hall in Shivaganga.
Friday, 30 Dec 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011


The rituals performed on the thirteenth day after a person dies is called VAIKUNTHA SAMARADHANE.  It's the day when the departed soul reaches heavenly abode (Vaikuntha), after performing tenth day (Darmodhaka), eleventh day (Ekodista), twelveth day (Sapindikarana shradhdha)).

 Fondly, everyone calls her as ACHI, who passed away on 13th Dec 2011, and the ritual of Vaikuntha Samaradhane was performed at Achimane, Garadimane, Varambally Village, on 25th Dec 2011. It is also the day when the relations, friends and well wishers call on the family and condole them. 
About 400 people came to the house, had sumptuous lunch with holige, and other sweets.....
It was also an occasion for family get-together and plan for the future.
Children Ramesh, Suresh, Umesh and Dinesh were all taking care of relations and guests.

Thu 29 Dec 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011


Arrival a baby to the family calls for celebration, asking for gods blessing's to health and welfare of child, parents and the family. Relations and friends are invited for the naming ceremony of the child called NAMAKARANA.

Such was an occasion to the family of Nagaraja Aithal, parents of Kavitha Upadhya. The ceremony was in Krishna Vadiraja Mantapa, Chamarajapete, Bengaluru, followed by sumptuous lunch.

The child was named VITTALA
Mon, 19 Dec 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Celebrating birthdays are very common, specially in the young age. It gives an occasion for a party, get-together and celebration. As one gets older, there is always a feeling of nostalgia and memories of the past birth days.

The celebration was at the new house, BIRTHI MANE, at 13A Cross, Bhuvaneshwarinagara, Hebbal, Bengaluru on 17th Dec. 2011 when Rishi turned 22 yrs. Lahari, Shubha and Raghu joined and had cutting cake, music and fun. Ravi & Vidya joined through video chat from UK......
There was food cooked at home, and it was nice time spent together.

Sun, 18th Dec 2011

ದಾಟು - ಎಸ್.ಎಲ್.ಬೈರಪ್ಪ

The reader gets an impression that S L Bhyrappa tries establish the fact that there is always some super power, one can call it ALMIGHTY GOD, that controls the events in the universe.  When people go against the tradition, culture, belief, calling themselves as progressives, unnatural behaviour of people take place, resulting in the destruction of property and living things.
The novel delicately touches upon the sensitivity of caste system and the related happening in rural India. When the system has been moving on for years together, some so called rational thinking people tries to go against the wind, events happen against the society. 
The characters Satyabhama, Srinivasa, Mohandasa, Venkatesha, Meera, Bettayya, Melegiri Gowda are superbly interlinked and powerful in their own way. 
S L Bhyrappa has the excellent skill of narrating the imaginary events beautifully. 
Daatu (The Crossing Over) - Set predominantly in rural India, this gripping, passionate tale centres on Satyabhama, daughter of a Brahmin priest. When the young woman chooses to follow her own impulses rather than submit to rules of caste, which prevent her marrying the man she loves, she finds the path a cruel one. Packed with vivid descriptions of Indian life, this book, from one of India's most distinguished novelists, not only indicts an oppressive and unjust caste-system but offers a thrilling account of the voyage of self-discovery undertaken by one steadfast and courageous woman.
Sunday, 18 Dec 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"ACHI" ...... NO MORE

Everyone fondly calls her as "Achi"...... beloved name for mom, sis, aunty, grandma,....... as she was......
Smt. Vanajakshi, my eldest sister, passed away last Tuesday, 13th Dec. 2011, at Manipal Hospital after a brief illness.  As I got the message late Tuesday night, immediately I set my journey to ooru, to participate in the funeral procedure. ...... reached Birthi home in the morning, went to Achimane in Garadimane, where achi lived independently for last several years.  Her mortal remains were brought to the house for an hour and then later taken to Indrali, near Udupi for crematorium. Her body was placed on the wooden pyre and set fire, as per hindu tradition. After a couple of hours her body was in ashes and her memories only remained......
She was a very courageous lady, gone through very trying and difficult times, losing her husband when five children...... Ramesh, Suresh, Umesh, Satish and Dinesh.......were very young......when one of the boys, Satish died in the accident when he was 24 yrs.......brought up all children with good education.
All boys are well settled in Bangalore with their family......Though she had some health issues for last few years, she stayed alone in her house at Achimane.......and was very cordial and affectionate to anyone going to her house.......
 Jayaram, Nalini, Achi
She had a good and peaceful life of 81 years, and the children took good care of her.....
May her soul REST IN PEACE......
Friday, 16 Dec 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Mr.Neville De Noronha, Principal of Our Own High School, Dubai, with whom I worked for about six months before I was relocated to Bangalore in June 2010. The man I saw him as highly energetic, ambitious, enthusiastic and hard working.

Noronha at Somayaji's farewell

Noronha was in Bangalore last Tuesday for interviewing teachers. Surprisingly, he invited me and my wife to join him lunch the next day. As Nalini was busy, I only joined and spent good one hour, having lunch and talking about the school, his family, nostalgia and other things.
Unfortunately, he had massive heart attack the next day, admitted in the Fortis hospital in Bangalore. He relapsed into coma soon and after four days, i.e. Monday evening 12th Dec, at 5.30pm, when I went to the hospital for visit, he was as declared no more.
The event is unforgettable as I could see life is so fragile and uncertain......
My God rest his soul in perfect peace......
Tue, 13th Dec

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ramesh packers and movers were booked for Sunday 4th Dec.2011 for shifting household items from Marthahalli to new house BIRTHIMANE at Bhuvaneshwarinagara, Hebbal. Six people from the movers came at 9 in the morning and started putting bedroom things, kitchen items and others items.
Fixed items like aqua guard water purifier, geizer, fancy light, swing, showcase etc were removed and loaded into the lorry. People were skilled and professionals and always found the short cut to minimize effort required.

The exercise was over by 4 pm.....left for the new house and reached by 5 pm.....
Next exercise was to unload and put the items in first and second floor..... Beds, showcase and other heavy stuff was skillfully lifted and put in the required place and re installed......Altogether some 45 cartons of house stuff..... brought to new house.....
Big exercise indeed.....
Tue 6 Feb 2011