Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Care and love for animals does not come naturally for all...... but for some, it's instinctive, inborn...... the affection shown by Nalini, is immense and very natural....... it can be seen in the behaviour of animals also.... may be it's cat, dog or rabbit.....


Birthi, Salekeri 
Birthi, Salekeri


Sharjah Park, U A E

 at Shivaganga betta

Thur, 01 Dec 2011


It's Guruprasad-Hema's wedding at Premanand Convention Hall at West of Chord road at Bangalore. The boy is a distant relative of Nalini...... Lots of relations from native attended the wedding..... nostalgia of OORU is the earlier days......
had a sumptuous grand lunch...... call it MADUVE OOTA........with holige and some more sweets.....
Thur, Dec 01, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Harshavardhan, grandson of Baikadi Venkatakrishna Rao, lost his father when he was 8 yrs old and his mother, when he was 18 yrs. The boy with his sister, Hamsa were the neighbors back in the native village Birthi,Salikeri. He joined Bank to work after completing his MBA and settled well and is time to celebrate his wedding with Shwetha, a pretty software pro.

The wedding and the reception took place at Prasanna Kalyana Mantap, Jayanagara, Bangalore. Relatives, friends and well wishers came from far and near, joined the celebration. Sumathi and her daughter from Bombay, Shobha from Hongirana, Sagara, Gowri from Udupi, Abhilasha, Anisha from Birthi. It was just like family gathering, fun , get together, good food and recollecting memories......
In the evening reception with buffet dinner with number of items..... chat, dosa, pulav, gulab jamun, ice cream.......
Thur, 24th Nov

Monday, November 21, 2011


Jayalakshmi, sister's daughter living with family in a newly built house in Mayagundi, near Udupi. Her daughter, Lavanya married to Manoj, some six years ago. She is pregnant now and the family celebrating with Sri Satyanarayana Pooja and grand lunch for more than 100 people, relatives and friends around.

SEEMANTHA - A would-be mother is blessed by all and wished her good luck for delivering the baby. Even in west when baby shower is celebrated it means 'showering the blessings to the mother-to-be' and wishing her luck.
Sun, 20 Nov


The family traveled  to Guddattu in a 15-seater tempo traveler to attend temple seva. A distance of 500km and a 10-hour journey from Bengaluru.
Near the well inside the temple

Aayar Koda Seva (which means 'Sahasrakumbabhisheka') is a special and unique seva performed at Guddattu Vinayaka Temple,  Ayar Koda Seva starts with draining the water from the cave and then abhisheka with water is done till the water overflows from the cave, that is up to neck level of the Lord Ganapathi. This seva requires about thousand pots of water and hence Pooja is called 'Ayar Koda Seva'. Water in the pot lifted from inside the well and passed to the chain of people standing and then poured inside the cave. This is very popular seva and devotees will have to book their dates at least six months in advance.
Sat 19 nov


Visited the temple over the weekend to attend seva offered by daughter Shubha Somayaji
Guddattu is located about 15 km from Kundapur in Udupi district. The Jaladhivasa Ganapathi (Vinayaka) Temple here is unique of its kind in India. This ancient temple is situated on the foot of a huge rock, which looks like a sleeping elephant. On both sides of the rock are surrounded by the forest and lush green paddy fields and the place is picturesque.
On top of temple's rock
 The 'Swayambhu' Ganapathi (Ganapathi emerged on its own) is the main attraction of the temple located on the eastern part of this rock. Lord Ganapathi here sitting with his legs folded, trunk twisted towards sight, is sun in a sitting posture and looking towards south.
Guddattu Jaladhivasa Maha Ganapathi Temple is very ancient temple and no body knows when it came to existence. As per the legend, Lord Shiva advised Lord Ganapathi to sit in the water (Narasimha Theertha) here to get rid of the great burning sensation to Lord Ganapathi's skin after eating excess of honey.
The Idol of Lord Ganapathi (Vinayaka) is about 3 feet and is in black stone sculpture with little gap around it. The cave will always be kept filled with water which sinks the lord Ganapathi up to neck level. The lord is visible to the people through a hole which is located in front of lord Ganapathi. The temple of Lord Ganapathi here is renovated by attractive Mukhamantapa, Thirthamantapa, Hebbagilu and Pauli which is constructed here with granitic structure as per temple vaastu.
Sat, 19th Nov

Monday, November 7, 2011


A new experiment in theatre, it is based on a lesser- known edict, which portrays the society’s cruel face 500 years ago.

Dr M Byregowda, a historian and anthropologist, is the playwright. The edict was found in Jannenahalli in Gubbi taluk, Tumkur district.

The play directed by Krishnamurthy Kavathar portrays the cruelty of the ruling class and exposes how they wreaked havoc in the lives of their subjects, by acts such as kidnapping of brides.

Artists from the play "VESHADA HULI"
 Today, we  went to witness yet another drama VESHADA HULI at Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bengaluru. It was 60-minute play by the artistes shown in the image above......dialogues, presentation was good.... but difficult to understand the concept.......
Monday, 7th Nov. 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The latest novel by Chetan Bhagat is a disappointment to a certain extent. It made a good reading half way through...... but afterwards it completely lost its focus, direction and the goal. The thought process became totally confused, disconnected and cumbersome. ......could not make out connection with LOVE, CORRUPTION AND AMBITION....... However, Chetan's style of writing, narration of events, choice of words is excellent.....
Nov 3 2011