Monday, April 18, 2011


It's at ADA Ranga Mandira, Bengaluru, where Artist Kuppatte Muttappa Gowda was honoured for his long years of his interest and contributions to the coastal art "YAKSHAGANA".......
Also there was an hour and half hours of Yakshagana program with a story entitled "RAJA RUDRAKOPA", enacted by celebrity artist Chittani Ramachandra Heggade, who is famous for his acting, dance and dialouges.  Sri Kasaragodu Shridhar Bhat, acting as Haasyagara, was immenesly entertaining.......
The story line is simple...... The King falls in love with a beautiful lady and decides he has to marry her at any cost and sends a messenger in the form of an old lady........she (acted as haasyagaara) with all humorous dialogue. dance and expressions, story telling....... brings the lady Chitrakshi to the palace of the King...... enacts interesting, passionate and sensuous moments........ and they fall in love...... marries......
Sun 17 April


It's a prestigious venue for any cultural program, an award function, drama,,,,, etc..... It's in the centre of Bengaluru downtown, hub of activities. Invariably, some function or programs are always happening at the venue. ... At the rear of the building, there is also an open air auditorium called BAYALU RANGAMANDIRA.  Lots of people come watch the program of their interest.
Upcoming programs are displayed on huge posters outside the building.
Sun 17 April

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yugadi at home was observed on 15th April...... with mom keeping KANI on previous night and we all saw our faces in the mirror early in the morning...... and PAAYASA  for celebrating the festival.
Following the relative position of the sun in relation to the movement of the earth is called Souramana.  There are 27 stars on the orbit of the Sun and the Moon.  The time taken for the movement in the orbit of the Sun and the Moon to cover the distance of two and a half stars is taken as on Rashi.  accordingly there are twelve Rashi’s and the first one is Mesha.
The sun takes roughly thirteen days to cover the distance of one star.  The star on which the sun is seen is called the Mahanakshatra.  The sun takes 30 or 31 days to cover one Rashi.  At the end of it the Sun crosses over to another star.  That point of crossing is called Sankramana.  In this way the sun takes 365.25 days to cover these twelve rashis.  according  to the solar way of calculation of the Sun’s movement (in relation to the earth’s position), there are 365.25 days in a year.  The new year begins on the point when the sun cross the star Revathi to Ashwini, and the next day is considered the New Years 
Observing Soura Yugadi :
  1. Seeing auspicious things. (Kani)
  2. Taking oilbath
  3. Wearing new clothes.
  4. Reading the panchanga and phalashravna
  5. Performing pooja and offering Payasam to God
On the previous night (on the night of Samkranthi) it the custom to place before the idol of god, rice, coconuts fruits, the new panchaga, (almanac),  Kumkum and some articles of jewelery on a brass or silver plate with a mirror on it.  It is called Kani.
People get up early at deem on the new years day, after morning ablutions, they go to the pooja room and look at the things place on the plate and see their faces in the mirror.  Then put a kumkum tilakam on their foreheads and take the blessings of mother, father, and other elders at home.
After normal bath, people put on new clothes and either read or listen to the special features of the year specified in the panchanga.  Then perform pooja offering payasam to the lord and have meals with family members.  It is a custom to use the new products of the year such as cashew, sweet gourd, potherb,  cucumber and others.
Fri, 15th April

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's in ADA Ranga Mandir, Bangalore..... An Odissi dance school paying tribute to Great Odissi Guru, Late Kelucharan Mohapatra....... SAMSARANA........
An hour and half odissi dance program with different presentation by son-disciple-guru Ratikant Mohapatra......with pieces like Saaveri-Pallavi, Jatayu Moksh, etc etc....
Odissi is one of the famous classical Indian dances from Orissa state. The history of Odissi dance is almost two thousand years old. Odissi is a highly inspired, passionate, ecstatic and sensuous form of dance. Like most of the South Indian classical dances of India Odissi too had its origin in the Devadasitradition. The state of Orissa has a great cultural history. The rulers of this region built magnificent temples, which became the center of art and culture. It was around these temples that Odissi, one of India's scintillating dance-forms was born, nurtured and nourished.
In its present form Odissi is a well established and codified classical dance form of India. Odissi is considered a dance of love, joy and intense passion, pure, divine and human.
Thur, 07 April

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Aryabhatta  is a big Cultural organization in Bangalore. Every year they give award to people who distinguished themseleves in various fields....... like music, film, social service, education, business etc etc...

There were more than 50 people who got the annual international award..... A friend, well wisher and nice gentleman from Dubai was recipient of the award ...... he is an entrepreanuer....... donor and sponsor for many of the social organization...... he is Satish Venkatraman from Udupi side.......

The award function was held in the prestigious RAVINDRA KALAKSHETRA at central Bangalore....... and was well organized...... first was some cultural program...... recipients were called on the stage in an orderly manner and seated on the dias...... each person was one at a time ..... given a medal, shawl, and framed memento..... the minister for higher education, Dr V S Acharya, Mayor of Lamborth, UK, Dr Neeraj Patil, Kannadiga,...... and two others for giving away the awards......

As it was on the day of World Cup final match between India & Sri Lanka, we returned home quickly.....

Sat, 02 April